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cosplaynekokat in x_movie_stamp

I'll stick Magneto on my fridge. He can hold-up my drawings :D

The Basics
Name: Kat O. Martin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Your Weaknesses:
Introverted/shy (I generally keep to myself in public, but I light-up when I'm with my friends .) Easily bored. Absent-minded. Sometimes irresponsible. Low self-esteem. Sometimes impatient. Passive-agressive. I lack motivation unless there's something I really want to do. Evasive. Sneaky. Anxiety problems/fearful. Sensitive. I feel like I'm caught between two modes: I'm either depressed and introspective or happy-go-lucky and energized. I switch between them often at school so I'm sure that kind've confuses my classmates XD;

Your Strengths: 
I like listening to people and helping with their problems if can. Strong-willed. Easy-going. Very forgiving. Protective. A good-natured teaser. Doesn't take things too seriously. Lively. Loves to make friends/family laugh. Perceptive. Intuitive. Highly curious. Creative and inventive. Gets along with people easily. Idealist. Deeply devoted to loved ones (I'd die without them, especially my friends.)

Your Talents: Drawing, writing, arts and crafts, singing(?), acting (pantomiming and physical comedy), making computer graphics.

Favorite Color(s) and why? I love greenish-blue. Maybe because it reminds me of the ocean. I'm more into color combinations than just colors by themselves, like orange and blue :D
Favorite X-Men Character(s) and why? Magneto and Nightcrawler. I'm not sure what it is about Magneto that makes him somehow... endearing? Maybe it's just my natural pity for the villan. You kind of want to come to understand him and his problems. Maybe that's just me, I dunno ;;
I just love Kurt XD So funny and outrageous, but kind and spiritual. Ya know, Mystique's grown on me quite a bit, too.

Favorite Animal(s) and why? I love dogs, bears, and rodents XD; I love most animals, really. No real particular reason besides the fact that they're just enjoyable to be around, warm and fun.
Favorite Place(s) and why? Usually my room or at a friend's house, away from the chaos. My house is kind of tense these days, usually because of me ._. I'm ashamed of myself.
Favorite Movie(s) and why? Most particularly Benny & Joon and alot of Johnny Depp's early works. I also love Del Toro films. The imagery and costumes are just so beautiful. Of course I'm a Tim Burton fan as well XP
Favorite Book(s) and why? I'm one of the Harry Potter kids. LOVE the series, and that's thanks to the great characters :D I've kind of burnt myself out of Stephen King, but I still like him. Chuck Palahnuik, too. Howl's Moving Castle is another favorite of mine. I really enjoy Holocaust literature, too.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why? Scrubs, because it's cracktastic in a way that most shows aren't. I just love the characters and the humor XD I watch alot of paranormal shows, too. It's always been an interest of mine since I was a kid and I'm often compelled to try and understand what I fear.
Favorite Food(s) and why? I LOVE Italian food. It's the sauce, it's just SO good :O~ I'm in love with fruit, too XD I could live off of it, I swear. Juicy~!

X-Men Related
Which character (no matter how obscure) would you like to be your best friend? Why? Probably the Beast and Nightcrawler XD My best guy friend has a, er, similar physique to the Beast and is VERY intelligent, so he very much reminds me and my friend of him XD I generally gravitate towards intelligent people, anyway. Nightcrawler as well because I can see alot of potential fun in that friendship XD

Which character would you like to be involved with romantically? Why?
I'm not all that really attracted to any of them in that way, actually. Guys or girls. Call me crazy XD;;

If it was between joining the Brotherhood of Mutants or the X-Men which team would you probably wind up joining? The X-Men, c'moooon! Sure, being on the other team could be pretty badass, but nothing beats being with the main good guys, especially when Xavier and Wolverine have your back :D (I think I just scored some cheesy-points.) I believe in peaceful revolt. Control through fear just isn't right.

Which character’s power would you most like to have?
I'd love to be able to walk through solid objects or just disappear whenever I wanted to. I'd probably be invisible the majority of the school day, it'd make getting work done (and goofing-off XD) alot easier.

Would you have chosen the Cure over living life as a mutant? Why or why not?
It kind of reminds me of our own world, ya know? People trying to change other people all the time... I guess it'd depend on how being a mutant would effect me. Idealistically I'd want to stay a mutant, but I really couldn't tell you unless I was in that situation myself. I'd probably be VERY offended, though. People will always find something to criticize you for, so unless this change is your choice and for your concern alone it won't truly make a difference. I deeply believe in being yourself and not changing who you are for someone else (unless your actions clearly harm others . But it's up for debate.) If you can't live as who you truly are then what's the point in living at all? It'd all be a lie and a real tragedy.

Digging Deeper
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?
After getting over the initial shock, I'd spend time with my family and friends, giving closure on some things and telling everyone how much I love them and what they mean to me. I'd have to go see my ex-girlfriend for one last time, too... It'd be so heartbreaking to see their reactions.

Put the following words in order according to your priorities: Self, Money, Love, Power, Family
Self, Family, Love, Money, Power.

Please link to at least three applications you have voted on:

Uhh... it looks like there's no one else to vote on personality-wise o.o Just tell me if I should vote for mirror stamps instead ; ]

Anything else you'd like to share with the class?
I'm an I/ENFP aaand... left-handed? XD;

Ohhh, boredom >>;

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greenwing said it first. Kitty/Rogue. Dear gods, the vibes. ;) You keep jumping back and forth between Kitty and Rogue. I'd be reading one sentence and thinking 'Kitty!' and the next 'Oh, but this is so Rogue!'
I tend to feel like two people anyway LOL I actually don't know much about Kitty personality-wise. Only really saw her in Evolution and, well... she was a bit annoying :/