A stamping community for all X-Men movies!

A stamping community for all X-Men movies!
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Hello and welcome to the X_Movie_Stamp community!

A stamping community is where you post a brief application. After reading your answers, the other members decide which character from The X-Men movieverse you most closely resemble.


Rules When It Comes To Posting
-You must be a Member to be able to post an application.
-Fill out the application below.
-Photos aren't mandatory, but it would be nice if you posted them.
-If you should happen to post pictures, please make sure that they aren't too revealing. (Meaning nude or in your underwear)
-Put the name of your favorite character in the subject line of your post so I know that you at least skimmed through the rules.
-Put your application and photos behind a LiveJournal Cut. If you don't know how to put a cut in your post check out the LJ FAQ.
-As of 08/29/08 we will be instituting the 3 vote rule. You must vote on 3 previous applications when posting a new application. This is to encourage voting for everyone, not just the new people.

Rules When It Comes To Voting
-You don't need to be stamped to vote but you must be a member.
-Please bold you votes, if you don't know how to bold it's like this <*b> <*/b> just remove the stars.
-Vote whenever you can and vote often. I really, really want this to be an active and fun community.
-If the applicant happens to post pictures of themselves, feel free to give them a dual stamp - Looks like Rogue but acts like Kitty, for example.
-Please try to give a reason for your vote, not just a name.
-Please remember that this is an X-Men Movieverse stamping community. Some characters act differently in the movies than they would in the comic books.

Rules for Re-applying
-Fill out the app again and on the subject line put "I like (who ever you like), but I'm like (who ever you were voted for)". Example "I like Rogue, but I'm like Kitty"
-You only get one re-apply

Rules when voting for a re-applying app
-Please try to vote them as someone else, cause what's the point of re-applying when they get the same votes?
-Votes must still be in bold

When It Comes To Stamping
-Only moderators will be able to stamp you.
-You will be stamped after either 3 days have gone by, after you get roughly 7 votes, or if you have 4 votes for a single character.
-If it's close with say 4 votes for Piotr and 3 votes for Logan you will either be stamped as both characters OR the moderators will choose which one you most closely resemble.
-If you'd like to show off your stamp, PLEASE SAVE IT TO A DIFFERENT SERVER . Hot-linking is bad and I have a mean streak for people who hot-link.


You can choose from any of the main movie characters found in this list...or anyone else from the movie that you think matches the application.

Mirror Theme
Application can be found here
We're currently running a Mirror Theme, but you must be stamped as a Regular Character before you can apply for this theme.

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